mercredi 3 août 2016

My farewell to Sydney with a Harbour Bridge sunny walk

Hi everyone! I would like to share with you the last pictures I took from my stay in Sydney. It didn't feel like winter on that day when I did the Harbour Bridge walk. Crossing the mythical bridge walking is such a great experience!! Highly recommend because it gives you the view on the city's skyline, so that you can take nice pictures of the Opera House :)
Two days after this walk I flew back home in France. 24 hours of flights and surprisingly no jetlag at all on my arrival. But it took me a few days after that to realise that the Australian adventure had come to an end. I am so grateful to have lived such an amazing experience and to have met some awesome new friends! And of course I'm super excited and happy to see my family and to spend relaxing time, enjoying the European summer, in my hometown in the South of Brittany...

jeudi 14 juillet 2016

Wow I visited Frozen's castle!!

A day trip to the Hunter Valley

Hey there! Last Sunday I've been on a day trip to the Hunter Valley located approximately 160 km north of Sydney. Such a nice area to discover. We had wine tastings during the day in three different vineyards: Drayton's, Hope Estate and Savannah Estate. Some of the wines produced in the region are excellent and famous in the entire world. We finished the day at the Hunter Village which was nice but made for tourists ;).

A day trip to Wollongong

Hi everyone! I've been to Wollongong a couple of weeks ago It is such a nice city for the summertime in Australia. It's located 70km south of Sydney. The trip on a train to get there definitely worths the effort to get up early. I was so lucky because even though I've been there in July which is in the middle of the winter here, it was still 25 degres in the sun in the afternoon, that's pretty cool! 
Enjoy the pictures :)!

Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo

Visiting the Powerhouse Museum of Sydney was sort of a journey into the past!
So interesting to see what was the society like more than a hundred years ago when the European immigrants first arrived on the East Coast in Australia!

Hej hej stationery lovers!

Hi everyone! When I was 12, I used to love doing scrapbooking with my photos. It was such a relaxing and creative activity! Since then, I always had so many notebooks for everything but mostly because I love beautiful stationery. Here in Sydney, I discovered a brand called Kikki.K which sort of encourages you to do the same through your planning activity. It means that you decorate your agenda or planner in a very personal way to increase your productivity, to achieve your goals but also to find happiness and mindfullness. I have to admit that I completely fell in love with the idea. I've never been a planning-freak but I like making a point of tracking my productivity and delivering my work on time. Kristina Karlsson is the Swedish lady who launched and runs the business.

I find he Scandinavian design of their products is very inspiring and the customer service in store is absolutely wonderful. A lovely quote, a nice journal and a cup of tea is pretty much all you need...

*hej hej = Swedish for hello :)

If you wish to find some inspiration, here is their blog Click here and their website Click hereUnfortunately, the stores they have in Europe at the moment are in London. However they deliver through their website in many countries in Europe.

The White Rabbit Art Gallery

The White Rabbit Art Gallery is a Sydney-based gallery home for contemporary Chinese art. The collections are completely renewed twice a year in February and August. Entry is free of charge.

He Xiangyu, Tank Project, 2011-2013, leather

Xu Zhen, European Thousand-Armed Classical Sculpture, 2013-2014